Print Design

I enjoy designing for print and the unique challenges it poses. I have a wide range of experience in print design across a variety of print types and formats, including business card design, flyer design, posters, adverts, trade displays, clothing/wristbands, booklets, manuals and magazines. I’ve also designed packaging and artworked for major brands such as Resolva.

A good print designer needs to have a working understanding of print media: colours, ink types and materials. There’s no use designing something that looks great on-screen, but that when printed appears dull and lifeless. With this in mind, I usually advise clients on the best print methods & materials they’ll need to achieve the visual results they’re after.

Design for print is unforgiving and mistakes can be costly, so careful attention to detail is also required. I always proof read and carefully check for mistakes before sending my designs off to print. If you’d like me to work on your print project, email me at To view more of my graphic design work, click here.

Dan Gould Print Design