Logo Design

Generally speaking less is more in logo design. If you overwork a logo design it can end up more like an illustration than a brand image. A logo design must quickly and effectively imprint someone’s visual memory. In a hectic world saturated with colours and images you need to make an impression fast, and first impressions count.

Take the logo I did for Quick Fox training as an example. Quick Fox is a company training journalists to write quickly and effectively. To capture this using simple shapes and using as few lines as possible I created a fox with an arrow-like head and a lengthened tail. The crossing front and back legs give the impression of a fox in full run and visually correlate with the X above. The fox’s tails flicks up to form the Q. The font itself feels like a headline.

Good logo design needs to capture the essence of a brand as simply as possible. Good logo design leaves the viewer with an immediate impression of what the company is about.

If you’d like me to design your logo, email me at dan@dangould.co.uk. To view more of my graphic design work, click here.

Quick Fox Logo Sketch

Quick Fox logo