I was asked by my friend Lucy Becker of Spotty Octopus to design her a brand new website, and so commenced what turned out to be a fun project. She wanted it to be colourful, and simple to use: showcasing her services and communicating some of her personality. Lucy is an ace blog writer and social media guru— I’ve tried to make the website broadcast her passion and energy with use of vivid pastel colours and lots of fun elements.

The site is full-width, vertical scrolling, which is popular in the digital arena. It will feature parallax scrolling effects: when the user scrolls up and down the large images will move slightly slower, giving an effective feeling of depth. In the uppermost light blue aquarium section the bubbles will actually be moving, the larger bubbles moving slightly faster than the smaller ones. Lucy didn’t want to go overboard with the sea theme, no pun intended. I felt this abstract, colourful aquarium feel did justice to her brand without overdoing it.

There’s lots of hidden extras/easter eggs too! The differently coloured Twitter birds that appear down the site can be shot by clicking on them, causing the bird to immediately appear upside down, accompanied by a shotgun blast sound effect. A points score briefly appears before fading upwards — duck hunt eat your heart out! When the user scrolls over the buttons they light up in lovely pastel colours, and will light up a different colour each time from a pre-selected palette. Therefore where buttons appear in a row, such as in the latest blog post section, lighting the buttons up is almost a minigame in itself!

We’re really happy with the end result—can’t wait until it’s been built! (mainly so I can blast those birds).



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