Somebody’s Daughter Brochure

I was asked by my talented dancer friend Daniel Cossette to design a brochure advertising a new dance production. The name of the show is Somebody’s Daughter, and it’s going to raise awareness of the extremely disturbing realities of human trafficking. Worldwide more than 800,000 men, women and children are trafficked over borders ever year, and 87% of trafficked victims are sexually exploited. Human trafficking is a worldwide criminal activity with annual profits estimated to be $36 billion.

Somebody’s Daughter will be a 30 minute fictional show compiled from real survivor stories and other research, identifying a vulnerable young woman who falls into the systematic traps and abuses of human trafficking. I designed the brochure to be as impacting as the subject matter itself, it really needs to get people’s attention, just as the victims of human trafficking need the world’s attention.



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