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Andy Geers contacted me regarding an innovative iPhone app he had designed. PrayerMate is a Christian quiet-time assistant, providing a place for people to list prayer points and help them remember and organise their prayer life. For people living in a world so full of distractions this can be extremely helpful.

My logo design is based on a pair of hands in prayer, one hand is black and the other white, as if two people are joined as one. This suits the prayer helper app ethos nicely. The logo features a subtle fade from orange-yellow to white, making it work nicely with iOS7’s clean, crisp visuals. Apple’s old app logos relied heavily on skeumorphism, but their new designs are cleaner, thinner and far less textured. The PrayerMate logo sits nicely alongside Apple’s latest mainstream apps.

I similarly designed the app’s iPhone user interface to follow iOS7’s clean white visuals. The final result is simple to use, intuitive, and smoothly integrated into Apple’s latest operating systems.



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