PrayerMate iPad UI

  • Prayermate Desktop 1
  • Prayermate Desktop 2

I had the great pleasure of designing the iPad & desktop user interface for the PrayerMate App. It’s designed to be as intuitive as possible and complement OS X’s clean, uncluttered visuals.

Here’s a brief description of the images above:

  • Image 1. Login screen.
  • Image 2. Main screen.
  • Image 3. Options. The background fades and blurs slightly when the option popups appear, bringing the options into focus and avoiding clutter/unsightly overlaps.
  • Images 4 & 5. Drag mechanism. These show what happens when the user wishes to reorder their lists in category view. When they click and drag a list, a shadow shape indicates where they’ve come from. As they drag the list into its new position, the other lists reorder themselves.
  • Image 6. Notes. This shows what happens when a user add notes to a subject. When they click the grey note icon, a text box appears enabling them to type. When the user clicks a subject that already has a note (indicated by an orange note icon), the box expands to reveal the note’s contents.


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