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I was asked by the brilliant Dr Laurie Friday of the Isaac Newton Trust to design their new logo. The Isaac Newton Trust was established in 1988 by Trinity College. The Trust promotes learning, research and education in the University of Cambridge, primarily by providing support to early career researchers and by making research grants to departments and programmes within the University and its constituent Colleges.

Sir Isaac Newton is of course the English mathematician, astronomer and physicist famous for his work on universal gravitation (gravity). Actually during the research phase of this logo design project I discovered that his contributions to maths and science were far more wide-ranging and numerous than I’d realised. Nevertheless for this logo design I’ve honed in on his gravitational work, in particular the famous story of the apple landing on his head which supposeduly sparked his endeavours. I realised the shape of the C could be formed into an apple, and applied this to a wordmark logo design loosely based on the Sabon font previously used by the university. I’ve also subtly enhanced not only the ‘apple C’, but also the INT, the acronym which many use to refer to the Trust.



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