Ancient Shepherds Branding/Menu

Ancient Shepherds Menu

I love designing restaurant menus (but have learned the hard way to only do so when not hungry, otherwise it’s horrible). Chris Brading owns several restaurants, and asked me to help brand and design the menus for his latest one, the Ancient Shepherds in Cambridge. We wanted a curious mix of ancient and modern, and so went for a hand drawn/painted look. For his logo design I made the ‘d’ into a shepherd’s crook, a little motif that can be used elsewhere. I’ve put crooks on the ends of the hand-drawn dividing lines between the menu sections. The painted, almost grungy look of the logo is used to block out sections of the menu, with hand drawn illustrations used sparingly to draw the eye. Dishes of particular note are pulled out by pale grey highlights behind the text. Chris is really happy with the end result, and I can highly recommend his food — it’s great.



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