Alzheimer’s Research UK Brain Tour

Brain Tour

I was contacted by Alzheimer’s Research UK to design a new “Brain Tour” to go along with their new corporate identity. This was a fun project, and I got to learn a lot about the human brain in the design process! As you can see from the concept above, I’ve kept the user interface as simple as possible, with good use of their new brand colours and whitespace. When the user hovers over a relevant brain part, it glows slightly. When they select a brain part, the relevant information appears below, and the selected number highlights purple. When they hover over other brain parts, the brain part name appears semi-transparent—these names go solid when selected. The cognitive functions that brain part is responsible for are represented by icons which light up when their associated brain parts are selected. The non relevant functions remain semi-transparent. Having all the brain function icons onscreen at the same time gives the user a better idea of how the different brain parts work together as a whole. Complicated things, us humans!

The goal of any user interface design is to allow the user to navigate and learn in the most intuitive, simplest way possible. Alzheimer’s Research were very pleased with the end result—and I rather like it too!



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