Web Design

Well designed websites have to be simple to navigate and understand. If people can’t find what they are looking for straight away, they will leave and look elsewhere. First impressions are vital.

Due to technological advances web designers are now offered more creative freedom than ever before. Bigger screens mean we no longer have to try and cram everything into small spaces. Faster internet connections mean we no longer have to worry about moving images reducing the website to a standstill. Yet this creative freedom still has to be used wisely. On-screen imagery and information must always add value to the website. Content should never be used as a “space-filler”, or items added just because they look (or sound) nice. On-screen content needs to be relevant to the target user.

Good website designs are clean, crisp and clear. Menu structures must be intuitive; buttons and icons obvious. Colour palettes need to be carefully chosen to avoid overwhelming the web user, directing their eyes where you want them. Fonts must complement the overall style of a website, but not affect legibility on the smallest devices. Good web designs are flexible and responsive; they look good no matter what device you’re viewing them on.

If you’d like me to work on your website, email me at dan@dangould.co.uk.

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