PrayerMate Publishing

PrayerMate Publishing

I’ve enjoyed working with Andy Geers in the past, he’s the imaginative code genius behind the PrayerMate app—designed to help Christians manage their prayer lives. He’s branched out to create a PrayerMate Publishing website, offering churches and larger organisations a really handy way of publishing their prayer calendars. He asked me to design the new website for this venture, and here is the result.

I’ve used a design that relies heavily on the bold orange of the PrayerMate brand, and when the website is implemented it will use nifty parralax scrolling. As the user scrolls down the page, the foreground elements will move upwards slightly faster than the cityscape background, creating a 3D window effect. Similarly, the large iPhone halfway down the page will move upwards slightly faster than the other page elements, adding to the 3D effect and giving the website a modern, dynamic and fluid feel for the viewer.



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