Bantr Mobile UI

  • Bantr Login 1
  • Bantr Alerts 1

Bantr is a social network for football fans, where users can follow specific matches, teams and interact with rivals and fellow supporters; described by the media as “a blend of intoxicating football insight, vintage opinion and uncorked musings.” Building on the excellent work of Natalie Burch I was asked by the digital agency McCormack & Morrison to design some user interface screens for the Bantr mobile app. Here are the results!

  • Image 1. Splash/login screen.
  • Image 2. Alerts screen. The user navigates here by clicking the alert icon in the top right. On this screen they can see any alerts/notifications they have, as well as live updates on matches they are following (accessed by clicking or dragging the slider upwards from the bottom of the screen).


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